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Marine litter campaign

Animals playing instruments on an island in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by litter

Shore hit song and turtle-y sick music video with a difference

The Environment Protection Authority's (EPA) new marine litter campaign builds on the success of Don't be a Tosser! by showing how rubbish on land ends up in our waterways and the consequences of litter once it enters the marine environment. 

The campaign is playful and eye-catching; giving marine life a voice. It supports the action 'put your rubbish in the bin' by adding a layer of depth to explain 'why litter matters'. The campaign speaks to litterers and targets the most detrimental litter items found in the marine environment: takeaway food packaging, drink cups/bottles/cans, cigarette butts, confectionery wrappers, and plastic bags.

The Don’t be a Tosser! song by Rage Against The Polystyrene is a shore hit song and turtle-y sick music video developed for a range of digital environments. The video features Rocky, the Rockstar Lobster and his marine friends highlighting the impact of litter through their eyes for engaging and shareable content. In the song, Rocky and his mates call us out for littering by revealing the harm that’s caused to them when rubbish lands in our rivers, creeks and oceans.

By revealing that litter on land ends up in waterways and ‘why litter matters’, the campaign aims to create an emotional connection and further cement the message to do the right thing by putting our rubbish in the bin.

About the Band

Rocky the Rockstar Lobster is the lead singer of Rage Against The Polystyrene.

He was a classic icon of the 80s and 90s, best known for his numerous #1 hits “Sea Lice of Heaven”, “It’s a moray (eel)” and “Living La Vida Lobster”.

Rocky has come out of retirement and is making a comeback with his band Rage against the Polystyrene. They’re trying to make a statement with their hit song “Don’t be a Tosser” to stop litter making its way through gutters and drains into their home (rivers, creeks and oceans). 

The other band members include Johnny Splash (Octopus), Krilly Ocean (Seal) & Rossy Hendrix (Albatross) on the guitar, StingRay Charles (who’s actually a seahorse) on the saxophone, Clam Morrison (Turtle) on the drums and Eddie Mercury (Fish) on the keyboard.







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